This was a long summer. For many of us, a lot happened. Most relevant to this blog, our wonderful Katy Covington, our previous blogger, moved with her family to Michigan. I have the privilege of assuming her role as writer, and we have changed the name of the blog to Confessions of a First Alto, to fit my current voice part! Welcome to the Atlanta Master Chorale blog, 2017. It is my hope to offer a glimpse into the emotion, process, and joy that I experience weekly as I sing with the wonderful musicians of Atlanta Master Chorale. I hope you enjoy the journey.

When we said goodbye after our final meeting in May, it was with the knowledge that the group of people we had been so invested in and had sung so closely alongside would not return quite the same next season. We didn’t know what voice part we would sing, where we would sit, or what music we would perform; and we knew that when we returned, there would be new faces, both in the group and in the audience.

In high school, music was a pastime for me. In college, it was a living. Post-college and in adulthood, it became, for lack of a better term, a joyful compulsion. Last year in Atlanta Master Chorale, I experienced musical challenge as I had never felt before. As a group, we worked and wept and sweated and swore our way through repertoire complicated and simple, well-known and new. We performed for audiences made up of all types of people: first-time attendees shocked to find themselves fiercely in love with choral harmony; jaded musicians curious about one particular piece and (hopefully) left refreshed and inspired; […]